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We like it because it denounces the same issues we fight against: abusive control position, wether from multinationals or governments. The Jams: We make the standards Oh we make the standards and we make the rules And if you don’t abide by them you must be a fool We have the power to control the whole land You never must question our motives or plans – ‘Cause we’ll outlaw your voices, do anything we want
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True story (anonymized to avoid anybody getting into trouble) which has happened today in a Madrid (Spain) Hospital, from the report of one of our technicians. Today I was with a fellow technician from MultinationalX checking the calibration images from the MRI, with the following conversation: Kanteron’s technician: Images seem to have arrived correctly, would you like to check anything in particular? MultinationalX’s technician: It would be nice to know if you have received all the data without errors or if I have to take any information field out in case your workstation does not support it.
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We thought we have heard it all before. Guess not!We you are stressed because the deadlines for that code is approaching, or because the customer demands more and more… all you need is a “Dikom”, Dikom tea, that is 😉
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