We like it because it denounces the same issues we fight against: abusive control position, wether from multinationals or governments.

The Jams: We make the standards

Oh we make the standards and we make the rules

And if you don‘t abide by them you must be a fool

We have the power to control the whole land

You never must question our motives or plans –

‘Cause we‘ll outlaw your voices, do anything we want

We‘ve nothing to fear from the nation

We‘ll kick you out of your houses if you get too much

If we have to we‘ll destroy your generation

‘Cause we‘ve built up a frontage and we‘ve gained respect

There‘s no one to endanger our position –

Standards rule OK

Standards rule OK

Standards rule OK

Standards rule OK

And we don‘t like people who stand in our way

Awareness is gonna be redundant

And ignorance is strength, we have God on our side

Look, you know what happend to Winston