True story (anonymized to avoid anybody getting into trouble) which has happened today in a Madrid (Spain) Hospital, from the report of one of our technicians.

Today I was with a fellow technician from **MultinationalX** checking the calibration images from the MRI, with the following conversation:

Kanteron’s technician: Images seem to have arrived correctly, would you like to check anything in particular?

**MultinationalX**’s technician: It would be nice to know if you have received all the data without errors or if I have to take any information field out in case your workstation does not support it.

Kanteron’s technician: Here you have the transmission log, everything correct, and if you press this button, you can see the whole associated metadata list, including your data from **MultinationalX**.

**MultinationalX**’s technician: Oooohhh, how easy. I wish all workstations had that.