• Precision Medicine: Genomic data integrated with EMRs means precise diagnostics and pharmacogenomic indications (which medications will work better in each specific patient).

• 360º View of the Patient: Radiology and Pathology imaging is only part of the picture in many cases.

• Genomic data has been, until now, the missing key piece of information in digital records for personalized medicine.

everis, an NTT Data company, announces a partnership with Kanteron Systems to provide its Next-Generation Electronic Health Record, ehCOS CLINIC, with a robust platform for clinical genomics, key to precise diagnostics and personalized medicine.

Knowing and having available the genomic information as part of the patient electronic health records will allow health professionals to predict and prevent possible diseases that may develop, transforming the model of clinical care from a reactive practice to a predictive and personalized medicine.

Genomic sequencer’s productivity has exponentially increased thanks to bio-IT processors, but up until now, few if any genomic data collectors have been integrated into currently available Electronic Health Records (EHRs). Genomic data can finally be leveraged where it’s most needed: at the clinical level.

This new solution offers precision medicine, since having the patient’s genomic data integrated in the medical history allows physicians to make more accurate diagnoses and pharmacogenomic indications. That is, they will be able to indicate which drugs work best in each individual patient.

Moreover, ehCOS CLINIC will display a 360 degrees view of the patient since genomic data has been, until now, the missing key piece of information in digital records for personalized medicine.

Kanteron Systems‘ award-winning, cutting-edge healthcare IT solution “TMIS” integrates genomics, pharmacogenomics, digital pathology, radiology, biosensors, and analytics into a single unified workflow to produce a complete visualization with deep integration, enabling researchers and clinicians to reach precise diagnostics with unparalleled ease and speed.

TMIS is fully interoperable with ehCOS, a suite of world class eHealth products developed by everis. It is the first suite designed from the ground up exclusively for the healthcare industry, with a methodology based on 3 pillars: people, processes and technologies. ehCOS CLINIC (ehCOS EHR), is a global pioneer in the development of “Next-Generation Electronic Health Records (EHR)”.

“Integrating genomic patient data into EHR systems to apply precision medicine to a large-scale patient base is something that has never been done before. Our partnership with everis brings full genomic capabilities to their next-generation EHR,” said Jorge Cortell, CEO, Kanteron Systems. “We are proud to have teamed with everis to bring this uniquely innovative and deeply integrated genomics solution to clinicians worldwide.”

“This partnership allows us to add an industry-leading technology and cutting-edge innovation, to our offering to healthcare customers” said Mario Chao, Partner at everis and ehCOS Chief Strategy Officer. “Genomic data visualization, processing and integration into an EHR is something nobody else in the market offers today. With this partnership everis is making clinical genomic history.”

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everis an NTT DATA Company is a multinational consulting firm that offers business and strategic solutions, development and maintenance of technological applications and outsourcing services. The company, reported 591 million euros in turnover last year. It currently employs 10,600 professionals at its offices and high performance centers in 13 countries.

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ehCOS is a suite of world class eHealth products developed by everis. ehCOS CLINIC is the Electronic Health Record and the heart of ehCOS Suite. It´s a patient-centered tool focused on a better management of patient data and enabling its detailed analysis to increase the quality and safety of care. ehCOS Suite and its open platform and innovative modular “Lego” philosophy, provides a comprehensive response to the computerization needs of healthcare processes. www.ehcos.com

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Kanteron Systems is a privately held Healthcare IT – Biomedical Informatics company founded in 2005 with an award-winning world-first solution that enables personalize medicine and precise diagnostics in existing hospital enterprise systems by integrating genomics, pharmacogenomics, digital pathology, radiology, biosensors, and analytics into a single unified workflow. With offices in New York (USA), London (UK), Lima (Peru), and European HQ in Valencia (Spain), Kanteron Systems’ solution has already been deployed over 500 times in 12 countries, at some of the world’s largest healthcare networks. Visit us at: https://www.kanteron.com

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