Today, Kanteron Systems, USA, Inc., announced a partnership with Hitachi Data Systems Corporation (HDS), which will provide clinicians and researchers with a robust genomics data platform where it is most needed – at the clinical level. The combination of Kanteron Systems’ and Hitachi high-performance, high-availability storage and multi-petabyte scalability will allow genomic patient data to be integrated with electronic medical records (EMRs), enabling more precise diagnostics and better informed decisions about patient care.

Kanteron Systems’ award-winning, cutting-edge “TMIS” healthcare IT solution integrates genomics, pharmacogenomics, digital pathology, radiology, biosensors, and analytics into a single unified workflow. It is fully interoperable with the Hitachi Clinical Repository (HCR), which provides a single online repository that enables protection, search and retrieval across healthcare data. Together, these solutions will enable researchers and clinicians to reach precise diagnostics and administer personalized medicine with unparalleled ease and speed.

“Integrating genomic patient data into EMR systems to apply precision medicine to a large-scale patient base is something that has never been done before. Our partnership with Hitachi delivers the best possible technologies to our customers for their evolving clinical needs,” said Jorge Cortell, CEO, Kanteron Systems. “We are proud to have teamed with Hitachi to bring this uniquely innovative and deeply integrated genomics solution to clinicians worldwide.”

“Partnerships are key to addressing growing and changing customer needs in any arena – from business to healthcare. Together, with our combined solution, Kanteron and Hitachi Data Systems can improve healthcare and enable personalized medicine and more precise diagnostics,” said Dave Wilson, Chief Technology Officer, Health and Life Sciences, Hitachi Data Systems. “We also see this development as an important realization of the Hitachi Social Innovation initiative – the creation of technologies that can make health management on a broader scale a reality.”.

Customer Benefits

  • Precision Medicine: Genomic data integrated with EMRs means precise diagnostics and pharmacogenomic indications (which medications will work better in each specific patient).
  • 360º View of the Patient: Radiology and Pathology imaging is only part of the picture in many cases. Genomic data has been the missing key piece of information, until now.
  • Consolidated Patient Record: Capturing data from all areas of the patient care pathway and providing physicians access to more information, including genomic data, in order to make better informed decisions.
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