The European Commission, through Startup Europe, has selected Kanteron Systems amongst the top 18 European scaleups (from Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and the UK) to represent the European Union in Silicon Valley as the “next EU unicorn”. The Startup Europe initiative brings together EU policy makers (commissioners, prime ministers), the best of the new EU Scaleups and corporations to meet Silicon Valley stakeholders.
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Kanteron Systems has been selected, pre-screened and chosen from over 250 companies by the selection committee, to present in Iberian Tech Tour, October 1-3, 2014, which will cover 25 companies from Portugal and Spain. Why “Iberian”? The City of Lisbon and the Region of Valencia in late June were named European Entrepreneurial Region (EER) for 2015. The EER project identifies and rewards EU regions that show a remarkable and innovative entrepreneurial strategy regardless of their size or economic situation.
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Juan Tatay, Kanteron Systems’ COO, and Mariano Collantes, co-founder of Uvat bio, were the panelist in today’s VIII TEI Bio meeting “From beginning to growth”. Organized by InnDEA Valencia, through VIT Salud and Genera Biotech, the TEI Bio events try to foster knowledge transfer, entrepreneurship and investment in Biomedicine and Biotechnology. Here is the full description by BIOVAL, and here is another chronicle published by VIT Salud.
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