Kanteron Systems, OCBT, WeDoctor, Techbridge, and LFLogistics, have organized a webinar titled “Practical Application of New Technologies for Chronic Prostatitis Diagnosis and Treatment” for 28 August 2020, which will feature the presentation “Precision Medicine Platform: How AI can assist Faster Diagnosis and Precise Treatments” by Jorge Cortell, CEO of Kanteron Systems, and the presentation “A Urine-based New Biomarker for Chronic Protatitis/Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome” by Dr. Zeng, Professor of Pathology in China’s Military 960 Hospital.

The webinar will take place at China Standard Time 20:00h, Spain CEST 14:00h. Watch it here.

Participants from leading medical technology companies and distributors from China, Thailand, Spain, UK, Australia, Chile, Mexico, Peru and the Netherlands have confirmed their participation.