Kanteron Systems Bioinformatics department, in collaboration with scientists from several institutions presents 2 papers at the European Society of Human Genetics ESHG20 annual meeting which was to be held in Berlin (Germany) but was moved online due to CoViD19, June 06–09, 2020.


Led by Dr. Pablo Marin, along other members of his team like mathematician Josemi Juanes Ph.D. (c), data scientist Pedro Pons, and bioinformatician Rodiel Martinez, the 2 scientific papers to be presented at ESHG20 will be:

  • MGvizCNV: Machine Learning layer for CNV QC and evidence score recalibration
  • PanelMaps: a decision support system web application for clinical CNA evaluation

In Kanteron Systems we’re proud of the research and development work our Bioinformatics department is producing, in collaboration with other institutions, and in an open-science manner. This research is later converted, with the help of our Software Development department, into Precision Medicine solutions available to clinicians worldwide.

Great job, team!