NASA iTech searches for and identifies advancements in technologies that are solving problems on Earth and have the potential to address existing challenges to enable NASA missions. NASA judges selected 10 innovations based on criteria including technical viability, likely impact on future space exploration, benefits to humanity and commercialization potential. One of those innovations selected by NASA is Kanteron Systems’ Precision Medicine Software.

NASA iTech Ignite the Night is an initiative by NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate, managed by the National Institute of Aerospace (NIA) in Hampton, Virginia, and presented in collaboration with the Central Florida Tech Alliance and Space Florida. It offers select entrepreneurs an opportunity to present a technology that is solving a real-world problem and might also address a similar challenge with NASA’s Moon to Mars mission.

Ignite the Night Orlando, which took place September 10th at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, had 5 focus areas: Improve Energy Storage Density; Radiation – Protection, Mitigation, and Hardware; Power Efficient Technologies; Medical Breakthroughs; and X-Factor Innovations. Some of the judges included Dr. Kathleen Loftin (Deputy Chief Technologist, NASA’s Kennedy Space Center), Dr. Harry Partridge (Center Chief Technologist, NASA’s Ames Research Center), and Tony Gannon (VP Research and Innovation, Space Florida).

The 10 innovators selected to present at Ignite the Night Orlando (in alphabetic order) were:

  • Alertgy – Melbourne, Florida Wearable Non-Invasive Continuous Glucose Monitor
  • Capacitech Energy – Orlando, Florida Cable-Based Capacitors
  • Everix Inc. – Orlando, Florida Optical Filters
  • Kanteron Systems – Valencia, Spain Molecular Mutation Burden Analysis for Precision Medicine
  • LightSpace Technologies – Marupe, Latvia Multi-Focal 3D AR VR Image Displays
  • Modularity Space – Daytona Beach, Florida Modular Satellite Systems
  • PolyMaterials App LLC – Tampa, Florida Supercapacitor
  • Rake Technologies – Winter Garden, Florida Unpowered Passive Exoskeletal Actuator System for Muscle Strength Augmentation
  • SpaceWave LLC – Melbourne, Florida Magnetoshell
  • SurgePower Materials Inc. – San Marcos, Texas Graphene from cassava

Some of the quotes heard during the event and written in social media:

Game-changing technology, revolutionary concept (NASA iTech), incredible innovator (Startup of the Year) NASA iTech helps us identify the innovations we will need in the future (and the people behind them). We connect innovators with investors who can help propel them forward, and industry leaders who can partner or invest in the technologies (NASA)

Kanteron Systems is humbled and honored to have been selected among such an amazing group of companies and innovators.