Kanteron Systems has unanimously decided to implement a four day workweek, from Monday to Thursday.

There are many studies and articles in favor of the 4-day workday (while being paid for 5, of course):

The Guardiian “We should all be working a four-day week. Here’s why”

Wikipedia “Four-day week”

Physis.org “Working four-day weeks for five days’ pay? Research shows it pays off”

The Independent “The four-day week could transform our lives and our economy”

Forbes “Consider The Benefits Of The 4 Day Work Week”

It is essential to promote a work environment that maximizes work-life balance, which makes us feel fulfilled, free and happy. Both for humanity and ethics, and for being good in the long run for the company and productivity.

If we know what is good for everyone, why not put it into practice?

This is what Jorge Cortell, CEO of Kanteron Systems, thought last week when he proposed the measure, by surprise, in a company meeting.

As usual, the measures that affect the company, are taken in Kanteron either unanimously, or by consensus whenever possible.

In this case the measure was approved unanimously, taking into account several important issues, such as ensuring urgent 24x7 tech support for customers, or the proposal to turn Fridays into “read only” day, to attend courses, read, and In general, keep up with new technologies (in a completely voluntary way, of course).