Microsoft, Kanteron Systems, and 20 other technology companies have set up the “AI in Health Partner Alliance” to leverage the founding members’ vision of Democratizing Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming healthcare. Advanced analytics, mobile devices, machine learning, and genomics are re-defining care delivery.

The Alliance launched during the European Health Innovation Summit on Jan 31st and Feb 1st in Brussels (Belgium) aims to prove the benefits of AI in health systems and show that the industry is already delivering on the promise of AI.

Microsoft describes Kanteron’s solution for “Clinical Effectiveness” as:

“Connecting disparate pockets of information customizes cancer treatment on a completely new level.

Information is only as good as the ability to use it, and Jorge Cortell‘s [Kanteron’s CEO] vision is to make it available and usable to every medical professional involved in a case, to facilitate the most customized, effective treatment. Using machine learning and Microsoft Azure, images are standardized for all platforms, genomic data is shared, and relevant biological information is amassed to enable the best treatment.”

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