The European Commission, through Startup Europe, has selected Kanteron Systems amongst the top 18 European scaleups (from Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and the UK) to represent the European Union in Silicon Valley as the “next EU unicorn”.

The Startup Europe initiative brings together EU policy makers (commissioners, prime ministers), the best of the new EU Scaleups and corporations to meet Silicon Valley stakeholders.

After qualification, the selected scaleups attend the extended 10-day program of invite only activities (Sept 12-20). These include the EID conference, the 2-day scaleup summit, high-level meetings in Silicon Valley and East Bay, plus the Closing Ceremony with Commissioner Bieńkowska.

The summit draws the best and brightest CEOs from Europe’s most promising scaleups and provides an opportunity for CEOs to learn from, debate, and develop business relations with Silicon Valley investors, successful serial entrepreneurs, and experts.