Turn-key Solution to Provide Clinical Genomic Interpretation on Leading Precision Medicine Data Platform

LONDON (UK) – VALENCIA (Spain), July 18, 2016 —

Kanteron Systems, the leading provider of medical imaging and clinical genomics software for precision medicine, and TellMeGen, a leading provider of genomic interpretation, announce a partnership to make TellMeGen’s clinical interpretation available to hospitals through the Kanteron platform.

Clinicians need to translate molecular information and interpretation into actionable therapeutic strategies. This partnership enables them to integrate molecular interpretation into their workflow.  Using the Kanteron platform, hospitals now can access TellMeGen’s clinical interpretation as well as other sources of omics data. This results in unified molecular patient profiles and pharmacogenomic insights. A turn-key solution for personalized medicine.

“TellMeGen provides clinical interpretation of molecular data,” said Dr. Ramon Catala, CEO of TellMeGen. “By partnering with Kanteron Systems‘ pioneering solution, chosen by some of the largest healthcare networks in the world, we can provide medical genomics interpretation in a way that optimizes the workflow of clinicians, and facilitates the adoption of precision medicine.”

“Clinicians want the power and integration of Kanteron’s bleeding-edge platform. Seamless integration between medical imaging and genomic sequencing together with pharmacogenomic insights.  They also want access to genomics interpretation,” said Jorge Cortell, Founder & CEO of Kanteron Systems. “This partnership delivers insights into clinical decision support focused on the point-of-care.”

About Kanteron Systems

Kanteron Systems software enables healthcare providers to deliver on the promise of precision medicine today. Leading technology partners (like IBM, Microsoft, Hitachi, or CGI) and healthcare networks in 15 countries are using Kanteron Systems’ platform to integrate medical imaging and clinical genomics. Bringing seamless access to diagnosis, treatment, and outcome tracking at the point of care. Headquartered in Valencia (Spain) with subsidiaries in New York (USA) and London (UK), Kanteron Systems was founded in 2005. For more information, please email media@kanteron.comor visit www.kanteron.com

About TellMeGen

Our goal is that everyone has access to their genetic information from anywhere in the world with a device connected to the Internet to share with your doctor.

We have created a computer, encrypted, international, and constantly updated platform. We work every day to stay at the forefront of Medicine Precision. Receiving samples from all over the world, with offices in Mexico, Colombia, Andorra and Spain, we expect to be in more than 10 countries before the end of the year. For more information, please email info@tellmegen.com, or visit www.tellmegen.com.