Kanteron Systems and Ver2 Digital Medicine introduce the first Medical Imaging and Genomics Data Integration platform in the United Arab Emirates.

Doctors in the Middle East can now examine your symptoms, correlate them with your electronic medical records, medical imaging exams, pathology tests, and your genomic data. Doctors then instantly compare those results with the data on thousands of other individuals to deliver a detailed diagnosis — or even detect an illness before the symptoms appear. Kanteron Systems, a global leader in Healthcare IT and Biomedical Informatics, is bringing those capabilities to healthcare providers in the United Arab Emirates through a partnership with Ver2 Digital Medicine.

Kanteron Systems integrates pharmacogenomics, digital pathology, radiology, biosensors, analytics, and genomics into a single unified workflow. Recently, the company announced the release of its Translational Medical Information System, making the full integration and visualization of a unified system a reality. There is currently no other company that combines all those capabilities in one platform.

“For the first time, comprehensive, integrated, and meaningful genomic and medical imaging data integration is within the reach of healthcare institutions in the Middle East, which not only will speed up the time to diagnose, but will enable the discovery of new biomarkers and pharmaceutical targets, changing the discovery of biological pathways forever and bringing new meaning to the term ‘personalized medicine’. We are glad to be able to have a partner in the region with as much knowledge, vision, and experience as Ver2.” Kanteron founder and CEO Jorge Cortell explains.

“We are creating the future of medicine today, in the Middle East and Africa supported by visionary innovators such as Kanteron Systems. We are not constrained by gridlocked and antiquated legacy healthcare systems. We are essentially working with a blank canvas on which we are creating better medicine.” said Brian de Francesca, CEO of Ver2.

About Kanteron Systems

Kanteron Systems is a privately held Healthcare IT – Biomedical Informatics company founded in 2005. With offices in New York (USA), London (UK), Lima (Peru), and European HQ in Valencia (Spain), Kanteron Systems’ solution has already been deployed over 500 times in 12 countries, at some of the world’s largest healthcare networks like MD Anderson in the USA, the NHS in the UK, Seguridad Social in Spain, ISSSTE in Mexico, or EsSalud in Peru. For more information please visit: https://www.kanteron.com or send an email to info@kanteron.com.

About Ver2 Digital Medicine

Headquartered in Dubai, Ver2 Digital Medicine (Ver2) is solving some of the biggest problems in healthcare globally: a shortage of health workers, the spread of chronic disease, access to quality care, and the need to improve patient safety. Ver2 offers an integrated portfolio of digital services, including teleradiology, telepathology, remote patient monitoring, as well as tele-medical education. By using proven advances in digitalization, connectivity, and cognitive computing, Ver2 partners with “best of breed” providers from around the world to deliver better, more efficient and safer healthcare. For more information, please visit https://ver2digimed.com or view the LinkedIn company page.