Kanteron Systems will collaborate with the world‘s first _ Scientific Photography Postgraduate course_ at the University of Alcala (Spain) October 6 to November 21, 2014.

The lectures will be taught in the classroom‘s School of Sciences. The practical classes are taught in the Cabinet of Scientific Photography lab, Cell Biology lab and National Museum of Natural Sciences.

The course involves 20 teachers selected among the best Spanish and foreign specialists (including Kanteron Systems‘ CIO, Alvaro Gonzalez) who will teach 30 different specialties handling equipment worth over 1,000 million euros, thanks to the collaboration of the Ministry of Defense, National Museum of Natural Sciences, Astronomical Observatory La Hita, various hospitals, universities and other entities like Kanteron Systems.

Official Pre-registration link:

https://portal.uah.es/portal/page/portal/posgrado/posgrados_propios/oferta_actual # cod_estudio = 14170

Detailed information about content, teachers and times: