New York, NY, USA, July 27, 2013

Kanteron Systems, Inc. (USA) and HistoIndex Pte Ltd (Singapore) today announce they have signed a Joint Marketing Agreement to offer a fully integrated digital pathology & radiology solution.  

Kanteron’s KMIIS, a cutting-edge hospital information system, enhances management of radiology and pathology information and images within hospital networks.  While fully interoperable with PACS-Vendor Neutral Archive, EHR, RIS, and LIS via standards (like DICOM and HL7), KMIIS also includes an HTML5 zero-footprint remote single interface for access to PACS, VNA, RIS, WorkList Server, and Digital Pathology image viewer that includes zoom, pan, measure, annotate, and report tools functions. 

HistoIndex‘s state-of-the-art laser-based imaging solution, Genesis™ for aiding in the diagnosis and treatment of fibrosis and cancer has been making waves in the global R&D, pharmaceutical and clinical diagnosis industries. 

 “Kanteron’s clients have shown interest in HistoIndex‘s stain-free 2D and 3D scanning solution,”

stated Jorge Cortell, Chief Executive Officer of Kanteron.

“With HistoIndex‘s Genesis™ integration we increase our industry partnerships and begin our expansion in Asia.”  

“Integration of digital pathology images into existing hospital systems like PACS and EHR in DICOM format is something that only Kanteron Systems can offer today commercially”

said Dr Gideon Ho, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of HistoIndex.

Kanteron‘s KMIIS integration with HistoIndex’s Genesis™ allows our customers full-resolution real-time telepathology. and a complete standard record of patient‘s full spectrum of medical images. With Asia being a strong proponent in this current global change in the management of medical records by going electronic and eventually cloud-based, HistoIndex is confident that the collaboration between both companies will benefit and change the lives of millions of patients.”

Kanteron Systems is a leading open-source software company founded in 2005, specializing in medical imaging. Our award-winning technology enables full-resolution real-time telepathology in standard DICOM image format (an industry first), as well as radiology imaging storage and workflow, and healthcare data integration solutions. With offices in New York (USA), Lima (Peru), and Valencia (Spain), Kanteron Systems provides advanced medical imaging software solutions to some of the largest healthcare networks in the world (like the NHS in the UK, ISSSTE in Mexico, and EsSalud in Peru).  

HistoIndex is a technology spin-off company from the Agency of Science, Research and Technology (A*Star), Singapore.  The company is involved in the development, manufacture and sales of optical medical imaging equipment worldwide with offices in Singapore (headquarters), Beijing (China) and London (UK) for the diagnosis and treatment of fibrosis and cancer.  Based on revolutionary imaging solutions, its products have opened doors to new medical standards that benefit clinical R&D, speed up pharmaceutical drug and treatment development as well as aiding clinical diagnosis.