La Ribera University Hospital (Spain) has been chosen along with other 3 European healthcare institutions, as basis for the report titled “Healthcare of the Future”. This has been approved by the  European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, John Dalli and La Ribera University Hospital managers, in a meeting in Paris. The report  is written by the European Union Directorate General for Health and Consumer Policy in collaboration with COCIR (European Coordination Commitee of the Radiological, Electromedical and Heathcare IT Industry), group that includes some of the main healthcare tech companies in the world.

The objective of this report is to obtain information about best financial healthcare model practices (like those of the La Ribera University Hospital and their well known Alzira Model). The aim of this study is to find profitable solutions that may serve as reference in a general European context. Besides that, the report means to discover the integral organization of the chosen hospitals and the public-private collaborations, their interoperability, and healthcare IT. Regarding La Ribera University Hospital, it has been chosen because it represents “the public-private collaboration management  model and is an excellent example of high quality and a sustainable healthcare system”.


La Ribera University Hospital uses Kanteron Systems technology since 2010. Last year they decided to purchase more solutions from Kanteron Systems. And this year they have increased their orders again, proving their satisfaction with our solutions and their trust in our services.

Thank you and congratulations!