Jorge Cortell, Founder and President of Kanteron Systems, presented (soon available via livestream) yesterday some of the company‘s solutions geared towards reducing hospital readmission to a group of 70 professionals at the VNS of NY HQ (10 E 70th St., New York) during a Health 2.0 NYC – The New York Healthcare Innovation Group meeting.

Here are some of the twitter-comments from that session:

globalfjord ‏ @globalfjord
Health 2.0 companies to watch! @kanteron @freshdigitalgrp @TextInTheCityNY @ClickCare @fluentmedical #H2NYC Reduce #Hospital Readmissions!

Alex Fair ‏ @FairCareMD
Intrigued by the open source #hit company @kanteron tonight at #h2nyc watch live or later

Aging2 ‏ @agingtoo
Some mindblowing augmented reality in the operating room, courtesy of @kanteron #H2NYC

Andrea Spillmann ‏ @AndreaSpillmann
Kanteron – open source tech for medical imaging (up to 5D) and super cool augmented reality surgery. #h2nyc