Main improvements (most “under the hood” to improve performance, stability and simplicity):

  • PURE 64 BIT. KDS does not contain a single bit of  32 bit code any more. In fact, the program takes up very little room in the hard disk. It is lightweight, efficient, and fast (even much faster than OsiriX), because it has been developed with the latest development and code optimization tools from Apple (LLVM).
  • NEW PLUG-IN MANAGEMENT. Now there are no plugins inside the program, ALL will be external. This allows to develop new versions and correct bugs much faster. To install plugins is much faster and easier than before. Drag-and-drop. PLUGINS will now be PURE 64BIT.
  • “Lionized” interface. Many small aesthetic changes. Of course, compatible with Lion and SnowLeopard.
  • New url for XMLRPC. From now on new XMLRPC methods will be added through external plugin.
  • Also available in Arab.