We are pleased and honored to announce that Kanteron Systems has been selected for inclusion in the European Business Awards.

Every year the European Business Awards research team spend six months analysing over 15,000 companies across Europe to seek out the very best businesses that demonstrate the guiding principles of the Awards:

· Commercial success

· Innovation

· Business ethics

The award nomination research team “were particularly impressed with the success Jorge Cortell has had in leading and driving Kanteron Systems and the impact this has had across the business, having won the 4th Edition of Premio Emprendedor XXI. With this in mind Kanteron Systems has been selected for entry in the RSM International Entrepreneur of the Year category.”

Kanteron Systems has also entered the “HSBC International Growth Strategy” and the “Infosys Business of the Year” categories.

Having been selected for inclusion in the 2011 programme, Kanteron Systems will now be eligible for selection as one of the Country Representatives to represent Spain in the competition.