Mr. Marco Schiavottiello has been awarded the IET 2010 Dennis Hill Award for his work on “iCHEST: Development of a Web Application for Chest Radiography”

“The Dennis Hill Award recognises outstanding work in the field of healthcare technologies.  It is awarded annually to a student on a taught MSc programme. This award is presented in memory of Professor Dennis Hill, a pioneering researcher and practitioner in many areas of endeavour, particularly in relation to anaesthesia and intensive care.

The prize is awarded annually to the student on a taught MSc programme who has, during the past year, submitted the best MSc project dissertation in the general field of healthcare technologies and cognate subjects (including biomedical engineering and health informatics). The purpose of the prize is to encourage and reward excellence in the field of study.” (Source).

In Kanteron Systems we are very proud of this award and we‘d like to congratulate Marco.