Kanteron Systems has received Food and Drug Administration 510K clearance for marketing its KDS (Kanteron DICOM Station) in the USA.


KDS is the fastest, most secure, stable and affordable open source mini-PACS and multimodal workstation in the market for processing, rendering and storing digital medical images.


KDS allows healthcare institutions, amongst other things, to store DICOM studies, do drag-and-drop multimodal fusion, marking of ROIs (with templates), interconnect it with other DICOM nodes for working both in a network and as a distributed computer cluster, anonymize patient’s personal data (HIPPA compliant), engage in telemedicine thanks to its integrated real-time videoconference and collaboration, and render in 3D, 4D and 5D (and in high resolution) digital medical images.


Underlaying all that, KDS has the most stable, less vulnerable to viruses and outside intrusion, and easiest-to-use Operating System in the world (Unix based), achieving record speeds navigating and rendering in 3D, 4D and 5D digital medical images.


KDS workstations are available in the market worldwide, with installations in such remote places as Australia, China, Italy, Portugal, or Spain. In the USA (where the workstation has already been tested by some of the most prestigious doctors and hospitals in the world), thanks to the FDA clearance, Kanteron Systems will start marketing its workstation through distributors.