PHI-cloud “SPLIT” module

Any information that can be used to identify an individual, which personally relates to their past, present, or future health is considered Protected/Personal Health Information (PHI). This information must be encrypted by law in basically every country in the world, and must be stored only in encrypted form, and transmitted only through secure means.

However, PHI can be anonymized such that it is no longer considered “protected”, and can therefore be released without harm. You can anonymize such data by removing all 18 HIPAA identifiers. Nevertheless, that poses a challenge by and in itself: how can you manage PHI in a clinical system (PACS, RIS, EHR, HIS, LIS, DPS, etc) if you anonymize it so completely?

Kanteron Systems has developed a full system, completely compatible with all existing systems in the market today, that separates or “splits” the PHI from the heavier-larger footprint and file size of data such as image (like multimodal radiology or digital pathology) and genomics data. This allows healthcare delivery organizations to keep PHI in an on-site light database, while being able to upload/download the larger files (ranging from Megabytes to Gigabytes to even Petabytes each) to a hosted or managed solution.

Basically: Kanteron Systems PHI-cloud “SPLIT” module allows healthcare institutions to finally safely and securely use the cloud without having to worry about PHI.

Here is how it works:

SPLIT diagram