Pharmacogenomics module

If your current PACS-VNA-EHR system does not support Pharmacogenomics, Kanteron Systems can supply your HDO with a module that:

  • Helps you annotate genes of interest with respect to known drug-gene interactions and potential druggability
  • Use official HUGO gene symbols as reported by Entrez Gene, alongside a gene name grouping strategy that attempts to aggregate synonyms for each gene with additional names from each data source of known synonyms (Ensembl Ids, Uniprot Ids, etc.)
  • Add your own data
  • ‘Source Trust Level’: each source is assigned one of two trust levels: ‘Expert curated’ or ‘Non-curated’. ‘Expert curated’ sources were examined manually by domain experts. ‘Non-curated’ sources were imported in an automatic fashion from the primary source using an importer module (i.e. a script). Within each of the two trust levels we further rank each source according to an additional assessment of quality. Results will be sorted to favor ‘Expert curated’ data and by quality rank within those sources
  • ‘Gene Categories’: a set of genes belonging to a group that is deemed to be potentially druggable
  • ‘Interaction Type’ describes the nature of the association between a particular gene and drug (‘inhibitor’, ‘resistance’, ‘sensitivity’…)
  • Integrates both known drug-gene interactions and potentially druggable gene data
  • Allows the user to refine their query to certain gene families, types of interactions, classes of drugs, etc.
  • Incorporates sources of drug-gene interaction data that were previously only available in inaccessible formats (e.g. tables in a PDF document)
  • search for drug-gene interactions of genes that have direct gene-gene interactions with the current gene