Analytics module

NLP ANALYTICS inside clinical reports’ text, and Dashboards

If your current PACS-VNA-EHR-HIS system does not offer you analytics, Kanteron Systems can supply your healthcare delivery organization with both a Dashboard and a NLP Analytics module that will help you:

  • Dashboard – Visualize:
    • System usage (disks, networks, modalities, users, productivity, waiting times, read/unread reports…)
    • Patient demographics (for treatment followup, candidates for clinical trials, research, etc)
    • Structured metadata
    • Report unstructured clinical data
  • Dashboard – System:
    • Completely configurable
    • Easy to use interface
    • Compare several parameters
    • Web based
    • Real-time or scheduled reports (sent automatically)
    • PDF or XLS formats
  • NLP (Natural Language Processing) for use in clinical records for syntactic annotation, named entity recognition, mapping text to concepts from an ontology, and identification of negation context of named entities. It tackles the challenge of recognizing mentions specific lesions in reports, extracting relationships, and associating the extracted information with the respective lesions.