BioSensors module


If your current PACS-VNA-EHR-HIS system does not support biosensors, Kanteron Systems can supply your health delivery organization with a module that:

  • Tracks personal data like:
    • pulse
    • SpO2 (blood oxygen levels)
    • weight
    • sleep
    • meals
    • location
    • temperature
    • skin conductivity
    • activity
  • Transforms biomedical device data into DICOM Wave Form (DWF)
  • Supports user-defined Medical Logical Module (MLM) to turn transactional data into actionable information
  • From virtually any tracker data source (Fitbit, Jawbone, Foursquare, Withings…): API-RESTful integrations
  • Option to enter data manually
  • Navigate all of the data collected slicing, rearranging, and ordering by source, date series, weighted averages, and more
  • Display graphs and dashboards
  • Send the data to other systems via HL7 feed or DWF